Due to a limited number of seats, not all requests will be admitted and an email confirming your registration is required.

Registration Code: If you do not have a registration code, please use code 67. A DC Finance representative will contact you shortly following your registration in order to finalize your registration.

Please note – Registration is a must! we will not confirm entrance at the door without pre-registering. DC Finance reserves the right to cancel registration if it finds out at a later stage that you do not meet our criteria – a cancellation message may be sent up until a day prior to the conference.

Important Note- Registration for the Conference will close 24 hours prior to the event.

You are kindly required to fill this questionnaire. Your information is kept private at all times. Unlike other conference managers, we do not handout information to sponsors and do a thorough due diligence process, with our registrants. Your patience is required. If you’d like to register to more than one of our events, you can mention that at the notes section instead of registering again. Updated list of events is at


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