Ms. Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Ms. Katherine Fernandez Rundle

State Attorney, Miami-Dade County in Florida

Katherine Fernandez Rundle is Miami-Dade County’s and Florida’s first Cuban-American State Attorney, having been re-elected seven times since 1993. She leads the fourth largest district attorney’s office in the nation with over 1,200 employees.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Miami and both her Masters degree in Criminology and law degree from the University of Cambridge Law School in England.

Kathy is often considered a prosecutorial innovator for her many ground-breaking accomplishments including Florida’s first domestic violence unit, misdemeanor domestic violence court, Dade's nationally recognized "Drug Court" program, protecting the rights of children with her strict child support enforcement program, bringing to the community services and crime prevention assistance via her Community Outreach Division and her efforts to pioneer the fight against the sex trafficking of our children. Her Human Trafficking Task Force is a cooperative multi-agency law enforcement effort to arrest and prosecute those individuals who prey on our kids while finding ways to save and rehabilitate those children and youth who have been victimized.

She believes in sharing her time, influence, and resources with her community that she is passionate about. She is a founding member and Vice-President of Women of Tomorrow and is also very active in important organizations such as Amigos for Kids, 5000 Role Models, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), and numerous others. She is an appointee on the Statewide Human Trafficking Council, the American Bar Association’s Criminal Justice Council, and is a member of Prosecutors Against Gun Violence, the national group formed to address the issue of gun violence in the United States.