Mr. Arun Savkur

Mr. Arun Savkur

Tech Entrepreneur, Impact Investor & Philanthropist

Arun Savkur: Tech entrepreneur, impact investor, philanthropist and speaker. Manages a single family office formed from capital derived primarily from two successful $500+ M exits of their family owned businesses. After losing family to cancer, Arun decided to dedicate significant portion of their family wealth to finding a “cure for cancer”. He is passionate about promoting a new paradigm in health care facilities specializing in cancer care in Asia and Africa to combine western, oriental and ayurvedic medicine with world class hybrid clinical facilities adjoining traditional hospitals which can accommodate targeted immuno, gene and stem-cell therapy, while providing quality care at the least cost, which includes “free care” for the needy.

Prior to managing his family office, he was a Managing Director at Quantum Fund with diversified multi-billion dollar portfolio in private equity, venture capital and infrastructure investments where he worked closely with Paul Soros completing mega-transactions in M&A & turn-arounds of distressed assets. Under the brand name of Quantum Group of companies made cross industry investments in real estate, technology, SaaS, AI , virtual reality, biotech , cleantech , power plants and oil & gas exploration. In addition, toadvisory roles in large infrastructure projects such as ports, airports and toll highways. His prior IBM corporate management experience provided both deep technical know-how at highly robotic and precision manufacturing plants as well as hands-on experience in commercial operations and product development at research labs identifying emerging technologies and companies, interacting closely with Steve Jobs and Paul Allen.

Later after IBM, has been known to be a visionary and technology evangelist globally , founding and investing in several companies identifying and using pioneering state-of-art technologies including nano-chip design, wireless, water and chip based cyber security which included some of the “world’s first” ventures such as being an early investor in “Bluetooth” ( early 2001)  and later sold to Ericsson , Apple Macintosh clone (late ‘80s) “Vector Technology” and most recently developed critical cryogenic components for Quantum Computers.  Also, participated in the first ever privately funded and launching a group of Geo-Stationery Satellites US-Russian space venture (early 1990’s) for Satellite TV over Asia.

Non-Profit:  His privately funded programs include : technology to detect, protect and treat arsenic poisoning of ground water in Bangladesh which has been crippling millions of rural poor and killing young children and the elderly; the development of low cost insulin ($1 per month) for the poor globally, provide clean water by developing and distributing low cost clean purified water system and donated over 200 fresh water village wells in 17 villages in Central Africa , providing healthy protein nutrition to needy children globally, mentoring minority kids and operating schools teaching software to under privileged teenagers. He has participated in several emergency missions such as the Swedish relief supplying food and survival supplies immediately after the Soviet Chernobyl nuclear accident, UN Task Force group to provide low cost generic HIV medicine development for Africa and worked with President Clinton for the Gujarat earthquake relief fund in India.

Education: University of Wisconsin, MBA and Bachelors in Engineering